Valves - Modular Valves - Control Valves

Solenoid Modular Valves

  • Modular: Steeger offers limitless matching options
  • Every modular valve consist of mounting bolts
  • To eradicate plumbing, our relief and accessory valves  are all stackable
  • All mounting is offered in both pump and remote


Four Way Directional Control Valves

  • To enhance dependable management over all double acting cylinders and apparatus.
  • Steeger offers both or either manual and solenoid operation.
  • All our relief valves are adjustable
  • To augment port pressure monitoring, all Steeger’s valves include a several gauge port system and manifold


Three Way Directional Control Valves

  • To assist in operation of single acting cylinders, Steeger provides you with directional control valves.
  • Steeger offers both or either manual and solenoid operation.
  • To enable load holding, included is a locking option on valves
  • Remote or pump mount on most Steeger pumps
  • Incorporated with all remote valves is a return line kit.


Pressure and Flow Control Valves

  • Needle valves: used to manage cylinder speed
  • Steeger A model: used to turn off valve for provisional load holding
  • Steeger B Model:  used for gauge snubbing
  • Steeger C Model used for accurate flow control
  • Steeger D Model (Snubber valve): used to
    • avoid snapping of gauge pointer when load/ pressure are abruptly released.
    • Turn off valve to guard gauge during high cycle functions
  • Steeger E Model (auto damper valve): used to guard gauge during high cycle functions
  • Check valves: used for: load holding with cylinders and to manage oil flow course
  • Steeger F Model: used to defend against shock and function with small pressure drop
  • Steeger G Model: is pilot-operated. It has a pilot pressure ratio of 7:1
  • Steeger H Model: is manually controlled
  • Steeger I Model: has fine metering for accurate oil flow management
  • Pressure relief valves: enable restricted pressure in circuit created by pump
  • Steeger J Model: ±3% repeatability
  • Steeger K Model (sequence valve): used to manage oil course to a derived circuit.