Post Tensioning Jacks

Grout Pumps & Grout Pump Hire

Whatever the size of your grout job, we can supply grout pump hire that will get the job done. Steeger is committed to providing a high quality range of grout pumps for hire around Australia, ensuring we are the ones to turn to for all your grouting needs.

Some of our grout pump features include:

  • A fully enclosed chain drive
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Puncture resistant and steel framed swivel wheels
  • Steel mesh hinged safety cover
  • Removable panels for easy access
  • Multiple lifting points

The following accessories are available for your grout pump:

  • A Calibrated Gauge
  • Long Delivery Hose
  • Steel Injection Nozzle
Mono-strand stressing tools

Steeger has fashioned three essential mono jacks which include the: 10 tonne, 17 tonne and 25 tonne jacks. If your needs fall outside these categories please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can design and manufacture a jack to fit your specifications. The stroke range of our jacks include: 6, 8, 12, 18 or 24 inches.
1. 10 tonne:
The 10 tonne jack is perfect for the mining industry. It is so light that it can be used for overhead work.
The following options are available for our 10 tonne mono jacks:
  • Double Acting
  • Re-usable 3 piece wedge
  • Quick action couplers standard
  • Compact and robust design
Specifications include:
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Strand: 0.5 or 0.6
  • Stroke: 150mm
2. 17 tonne:
Additionally our range includes the 0.5 strand and light weight steel 17 tonne mono jack. It is double acting coupled with a three piece reusable wedge.
The following options are available for our 17 tonne mono jacks:
  • Double Acting
  • Re-usable 3 piece wedge
  • Quick action couplers standard
  • Compact and robust design
Specifications include:
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Strand: 0.5
  • Stroke: 200mm
3. 25 tonne:
Our 25 tonne Mono Jack has the ability to stress wire from 5mm to 15.2mm strand, with the simplicity of exchanging only two components. Our 25 tonne Mono Jacks will be set up to suit any wire or strand you are stressing.
Other accessories of our mono jacks include:
  • Tough, proven designs, with ergonomic handles decrease operator fatigue
  • Our single acting models have spring-seating
  • Optional power-seating
  • Double-acting models are machined from a steel billet
  • Longer nose assemblies on our jacks are available for all models
  • Complete offering of Steeger parts and soft kits allow quick and easy service

Multi-strand stressing jacks

Using Steeger’s multi strand jacks to stress concrete means that all strands in the cable can be stressed at single point and time. The chief advantage of this method is the rapid and precise stressing operation of all the cables in just one step.
Our multi-strand jacks come with a vast range of options to suit any of your requirements. They have capacities of over 1500 tonne and strokes of 100mm to 300mm. As well as this, custom drilling can be made to suit any strand pattern of your choice
Steeger Engineering can also design and manufacture a specifically built centre hole jack to meet any of your needs.

Standard Options include:

Custom sizes available
Equipped with hydraulic lock noses or self-tightening
Multi-use stressing heads
Plated for corrosion resistance
Power seating available on all models
The following extras are available for our multi strand jacks:
Calibrated gauge
Lifting bar and feet
Internal strand guide tubes
Nose block and rear block
Anti rotation device

Onion Jack

An onion jack is used in prestressing cables to create an anchor point. It creates an onion shape at the end of these cables by spreading and separating the wires.
The machine is heavy duty in nature, yet is light and mobile, being able to be used by hand or machine operated pumps.
The key advantages of the onion jack are that you remove the need for anchor plates, barrels and we dges.

  • Weight: 10kg
  • Size: 410mm long x 150mm wide x 75mm high (handle up to 150mm high)
  • Capacity: 10 tonnes
  • For use with all 10,000 psi Single Acting Hydraulic Pumps
Swaging Jack

Our Swaging Jack is used primarily in crushing or swaging a barrel or wedge set to the end of the prestressing cable to create the anchor point.
It is lightweight and has the ability to be either powered by hand or machine.
We stock a variety of models ranging from 10-25 tonne capacity, being suitable for either 0.5 or 0.6 cables.

  • Weight: 8kg & 12kg
  • Capacity: 10 tonnes & 25 tonne
  • For use with all 10,000 psi Single Acting Hydraulic Pumps
Staple Machine

This is no ordinary staple machine. It is used for attaching strand chairs when prestressing concrete. Our unique, light weight, manually operated staple machine can be used in isolated sites or where there is not the accessibility of high pressure air systems.

o Weight: 3.5kg
o Dimensions: 678mm x 352mm x 50mm
o Can Staple:
  • 150/19 UC
  • 150/22 UC
  • 150/25 UC