Strand Processing Equipment

Un-Bonded fabrication lines

Steeger constructs machines to match the needs of the customer. We manufacture a variety of tub lines depending on what the customer wants. Our lines by design measure and shear the strand, giving precise length control.

Depending on customer preference, single or dual pay-offs can be supplied, making material adjustments quick and simple. Leveraged hydraulic shears provide clean end cuts. We have made it easy to access, rotate or change shear blades which reduces time and expense.

Un-Bonded tendon extrusion lines

Entire lines are offered in numerous configurations including:

  • Single & Multiple Strand Pay Offs and take ups
  • Variety of extruder diameters
  • Chillling trough lengths and capacity

Our lines are put together with all instruments our clients needs, including:

  • Pumps & Vacuum loaders
  • Large capability chillers
  • Heat replacing coils
  • Tough take ups

Strand anchor fabrication lines and assembly table

To produce strand anchors, specialized production apparatus is necessary. Steeger provides equipment built with familiarity of the industry necessities. Our exact measurement and cutting techniques make anchor assembly proficient.

Strand anchor extrusion lines and custom machinery

Steeger has the capacity to construct custom equipment. Based on the client's preferred purpose or design, Steeger creates machines that produce solid resolutions.

Fixed end seating equipment

Steeger builds entire anchor seating push or pull systems that include but are not limited to:

  • necessary hydraulic pump
  • gauge
  • hoses
  • steel work bench
  • seating ram

Cable bolt fabrication lines

Steeger constructs automatic cable bolt fabrication apparatus for the mine supply trade. These lines include:

  • Strand pay-off
  • Measuring
  • Cutting stations which provide precisely cut pieces for additional fabrication

Anchor coilers and Un-Coilers

Steeger produces dynamic coating lines for strand applied in the fabrication of geotechnical anchors. The core fundamental of this system evoke a pioneering computer managed skip coating coordination. Also included is a variety of configurations inside the coils to generate simple and instinctive functioning.

Material handling equipment

Among various other types of handling equipment, Steeger manufactures:

  • Strand reels
  • Fork extensions
  • Racks
  • Coil stackers