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Globally Driving The Hydraulics Sector

Globally Driving The Hydraulics Sector

Construction Equipment Australia


Post tensioning equipment & more for the hydraulics sector


Steeger Engineering is one of the key international drivers of construction equipment for the hydraulics sector. We are leading the world in heavy lifting and engineered machine products to assist continual growth in construction and industry. From prestressing equipment to post tensioning machinery and lifting jacks, we'll be able to provide a solution that suits the needs of your business.



Construction equipment in Australia and around the world


Operating as the strategic thought leader in our sector, we recognise that our construction equipment products and services cover an extensive range other than just heavy lifting, hydraulics and engineered machinery. Global megatrends; climate change, shortage of resources and technological advancement are all joined.




Steeger Engineering has been consistently recognized as the world leader in providing pioneering, affordable and quality hydraulic equipment.

Heavy Lifting

Our heavy lifting techniques are now used all over the world to erect bridges, offshore structures, refineries, power stations, major buildings and other structures.

Engineered Machine Products

Steeger Engineering’s commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in its long standing history as a celebrated international provider for engineered machine products.