Hydraulic Services

Suppliers of Single & Multi-Strand Jacks, Feeders & Equipment


At Steeger Engineering we understand that all cases are individual. That’s why we are offering our industry specialists to meet with you, to give advice and exchange views to come to a mutual decision on how best to handle your project.


Our teams of fitters, turners and boilermakers will create your design from the most cutting edge machines to meet budget and your time parameters. From single strand jacks to multi strand jacks, our range of heavy lifting equipment and hydraulic systems are at the top of the industry.


No matter how remote your location may be we will deliver to you.


Our specialised technicians will come out to your work site to install our parts into your works.

When it comes to hydraulic services, be it single strand jacks and feeders through to multi strand heavy lifting systems, trust the team at Steeger.