Heavy Lifting Services Australia


At Steeger Engineering we understand that all cases are individual. That’s why we are offering our industry specialists to meet with you, to give advice and exchange views to come to a mutual decision on how best to handle your project.


Through innovation our highly experienced technical engineers and draftsmen work with our trade secrets and specialised knowledge to design a system for whatever project you need.


After design of the hydraulics heavy lifting system we build its unique parts in our specialist factories with our teams of turners, fitters and boiler makers.


Whatever you need, our small army of technicians will come to your work site to assemble your custom hydraulic heavy lifting system.


Most projects require a different hydraulic heavy lifting system in place to put your parts together. Our practiced operators can come to you, anywhere in the world, to operate your hydraulic heavy lifting systems.


Our expert trainers can come to your sites, and then train your workers, to use our unique hydraulic heavy lifting system.