Concrete Pre-Stressing Equipment and Products

One-time use products

The one time use products are offered by Steeger Engineering
  • Wedges
o Pulling wedges
o Customised sizes and arrangements
o Cable-stay wedges
  • Anchors
o Single strand castings
o Multiple strand wedge plates
  • Chucks
o Splice chucks securely bond two parts of a strand
o Chucks include a two part wedge with no ring

Cable barrier products
  • A ferrule insert design permits simple installation
  • Complement a tidy appearance with no chipping or removal of concrete needed
  • Allows for carefree maintenance for damaged cable
  • This enables a cost effective method for fitting and re-tensioning of barrier cable/s

Multi-use products
  • Steeger’s exclusive design offers a multi use, cost-effective solution for pre-casting and pre-stressing functions
  • The bayonet cap has a knurled finish to improve grip
  • We offer the chuck and anchor components separately to save you money on service and repairs
  • Our engineered plating systems diminish corrosion and lengthen the life of the chuck
  • Our reliable simple mounted o-rings are used on all wedges to reduce lost pieces and alleviate the stress of assembly

We stock a huge range of accessories for prestressing and other uses. Some of these include:
  • Wedges and chuck body brushes to make cleaning and inspection speedy and efficient
  • Multiple head sizes for correct lubrication which is crucial for effortless release and correct wear to lengthen chuck life
  • Staples
  • Onion Jaws
  • Mono Jack Noses
  • Kits for the 25t Mono Jack
  • Anchor Blocks
  • Ducting
  • Anchors & Castings
  • Barrel & Wedge Swaging Jacks
  • Strand Feeders
  • Re-Usable Barrel/wedge and Joiners
  • Anchor Castings and One Shot Wedges

To enquire about concrete stressing products and equipment, get in touch with Steeger Engineering from anywhere in Australia.