At Steeger Engineering we have a number of philosophies that we follow on a daily basis.

  1. Value employees skill development and all treated with equality
  2. Communication
  3. Creativity
  4. Innovation
  5. Customer satisfaction
  6. Starting new relationships,
  7. Maintaining and growing existing relationships, internal and external relationships are key to success
  8. High ethical standards
  9. Care for the environment
  10. Care for the surrounding community
  11. Fully empowered employees
  12. High integrity workplace
  13. Strong trust relationships
  14. Highly effective leadership
  15. Effective systems and processes
  16. Performance-based compensation and reward programs
  17. Effective 360-degree communications
  18. Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees
  19. High degree of adaptability
  20. High accountability standards
  21. Demonstrated support for innovation