The modern Steeger Engineering comes from the amalgamation of two pioneer companies (Steeger Engineering & Hydraulic Cylinder Service).

Our roots go back to 1976 in Port Melbourne, where Steeger Engineering was first established by George Steeger. The company specialised in the formation of engineered machine parts using a small team of fitters and turners.

It was bought out in 2002 by a team of engineers who extended the company's product range into the field of Hydraulics. These products included: jacking equipment, stressing equipment, custom design cylinders and presses to name just a few. The company's new management also turned its focus into expanding its hydraulics services range which includes consultations and repairs.

From 2002 to 2005 Steeger Engineering, with the help of Hydraulic Cylinder Services, expanded its services into the heavy lifting hydraulics division. This saw the company rapidly expand into the South East Asian markets, winning jobs in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia as well as holding a sturdy influence in Hong Kong.

From 2005 onwards Steeger Engineering excelled on the international platform, expanding its services to India, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Africa, South America and the U.A.E.

In 2009 Steeger Engineering announced the major decision to merge with Hydraulic Cylinder Service to create a dual company taking a lead role in the hydraulics sector.

Today Steeger Engineering is the region's leading heavy hydraulics products and services provider. Coupled with its engineering of machine parts, it serves customers mainly in the construction industry, as well as the marine, steel mills, paper mills, automotive, machinery movers, mining, production and plant maintenance industries. Steeger holds leading market positions in Australia for value-added products and services and continues to build on its long-established presence in Asia.